Context Health

CTX Chat App

Secure Communication for Your Organisation

  • Secure messaging for your organisation
  • Same day setup – simple onboarding
  • Standalone system
  • Minimal impact on customer IT department / systems
  • Information Governance – compliant environment
  • Built-in corporate oversight and accountability
The Solution: CTX Chat in Healthcare
CTX Chat in Healthcare
Improved Communication
  •   Real-time messaging for all hospital staff
  •   Enhanced coordination for teams
  •   Faster response to critical situations
Enhanced Collaboration
  • Group chats for multidisciplinary teams
  • Sharing of images, lab results, and documents
  • Quicker consults and decision-making
  • Integration with EPR system
Increased Efficiency
  • Time saved by avoiding paperwork
  • Streamlined workflows for clinicians
  • Enhanced patient care freeing up resources

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